Are you looking for someone to host your show, present your online content or conduct your interview?

And do you want it all done with a slight German accent?

That does feel like an odd choice; but in that case, I am who you are looking for.

My presenting experience includes online news clips, short-form documentaries, entertainment pieces and live studio shows.
I have a track record of excellent contributor management and am comfortable speaking with anonymous or potentially vulnerable interview partners. And if you are looking for more lighthearted material, I am always happy to take on any on-camera challenge.

"The FetSocDoc" (2020)

Editor, Presenter

"Roses 2019 - Interview with Mark Addy" (2019)

Producer, Camera Operator

"UoY Freshers' Fair 2020" (2020)


"YUSU Elections Results Night" (2020)


"YSTV Reports: Abseiling down Central Hall" (2019)


"Slime It!" (2019)


"UoY Freshers' Fair 2019" (2019)

Producer, Presenter

"YSTV goes Pole Dancing" (2019)


"YSTV Reports: 50 Shades of Constantine" (2018)

Presenter, Editor

Additionally, I have also received basic radio training by Radio Erft (commercial broadcaster in Germany) and University Radio York.

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