As a videographer, I pride myself on my adaptability. Whether it's a short film, a music video or an on-the-fly entertainment piece, I strive to always get the very best out of any project.
With a wide skillset, I especially love accompanying projects throughout all stages of production, from the first conceptualisation to the shoot itself and finally post-production. Both as a team player leading a large crew or as an all-rounder on my own, I am confident in my ability on getting exactly the material you are looking for.
Additionally, I am experienced as a drone pilot with the DJI Mavic 3 and the the DJI Mini 2.
From short films to online entertainment pieces, below you can find a short selection of my past videography work.

"Maidenhead Tennis Club - c2o Testimonial" (2023)


"YSTV does Hunted - Episode 2" (2020)

Producer, Director, Editor

"Chaudhary" (2019)

Videographer, Editor

"The FetSocDoc" (2020)

Presenter, Editor

"UoY Dance Society - Showcase" (2021)

Drone Pilot

"Ebor Singers - Tenebrae" (2021)

Camera Operator

"Ensemble Pro Victoria - Showcase" (2021)

Camera Operator, Editor

"Roses Unlocked 2021 Trailer" (2021)

Drone Pilot

“Ai 愛 | Love Bites” (2021)

Camera Operator, Editor

"Beautiful Yorkshire: YSTV goes Camping"

Editor, Camera Operator

"The Cleaner" (2019)

Producer, Director, Editor

"YSTV Reports: Protest in York"

Camera Operator, Editor

"Micklegate Run" (2019)

Camera Operator, Co-Editor

"Hidden" (2018)

Director, Writer, Editor

"YSTV Reports: York Vibe" (2018)

Camera Operator, Editor

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