From on-site event coverage to sports broadcasts and live studio shows, I have worked on a variety of live productions.

As a multi-skilled operator, I am experienced with producing, directing, vision mixing and vision engineering your broadcast, wherever it might be. Additionally, past specialised experience includes live highlights editing and the creation of live graphics.

In front of the camera, I have occasionally presented game shows, student segment shows, interviews and pre-recorded VTs.

"YSTV Sport" (2018-2020)

Producer, Director, Vision Mixer

"Please Sir, There's Been A Murda!" (2019)

Producer, Director

"Love York Awards" (2018-2019)

Director, Co-Producer

"The Early Hayley Show" (2019)

Producer, Director, Graphics

"Roses Live" (2018-2019)

Director, Camera Operator, Live Highlights

"Free To Fly - Live Performance" (2019)

Vision Mixer

"The Arthouse" (2018)

VT and Graphics Operator

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